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Introduction to NOOPE

NOOPE is an open source physics engine written in Java. A program that allows you to run physical simulations. Physical laws are not part of the core of the engine, so you can define your own laws as Java classes and these can be used by NOOPE so long as they follow a certain format.

NOOPE is based on the following assumptions:

  • Independent and universal time
  • Euclidean 3-Space
  • Newton's 2nd law:
    F = ma
    where F is the sum of all external forces acting on a body.
  • (Objects can also exert an active force on themselves. This and a couple more cheats are provided to allow simulations that would otherwise be difficult.)
At the time of writing, NOOPE can simulate the motion of particles, and also spheres to some extent, with elastic collisions, no spin, however.

NOOPE Tutorial

A tutorial explaining the principles behind NOOPE's operation and how to write your own laws which extend the physcial world being modelled is available.

Online Documentation

The API documentation for NOOPE, which details all of the classes and methods which make up the project is also available online in JavaDoc format (this is automatically generated from comments in the NOOPE source code, in HTML format).
  Last Updated: 27 September 2001