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In order to use NOOPE, you need a copy of the Sun Java Devlopment Kit (available from Sun's website). NOOPE was developed using JDK 1.3 under Linux, but it should work fine using JDK 1.2 or greater under other platforms. The demonstration applets make use of the Swing GUI toolkit, which is included in the JDK.

NOOPE has been developed in Java to enable cross-platform usage, so there aren't any hardware requirements. The physical simulation is fairly processor intensive, but acceptable performance is achieved with a modest computer (NOOPE has been partially developed and tested on a Pentium 133).

License Agreement

NOOPE is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), details of which are included in the NOOPE archive.

The NOOPE package also contains the Gif89Encoder library by John Elliot. The license for this code is also included in the archive.

Download NOOPE

Two distributions of NOOPE are available for download: the source distribution which includes only the Java source files needed to build NOOPE and the full distribution which also includes the compiled .class files and the generated JavaDoc documentation in HTML format. You will need JDK 1.3 to use either distribution.

Each distribution is available as a compressed tar.bz2 archive for Unix users, or as a zip file for Windows users.

NOOPE 0.1.0 - 11 September 2001 - Initial Release

Compiling and Testing NOOPE

Refer to the README file in the NOOPE distribution archive for instructions on installing and testing NOOPE.
  Last Updated: 27 September 2001